Woosim Systems

About our Company

Woosim appreciates the opportunity to help resolve your application needs for printers and PDA’s. Woosim believes that each and every application is uniquely different, and our desire is to help each customer identify the right product for their specific application needs.

Woosim has created the most dynamic range of printers and PDA’s on the market.

Woosim has the ability to fill essentially every application ranging from a 1″ thermal mechanism to a 4″ belt printer to a 150MM mini printer to an 8″ Modular kiosk printer.

The vast product offering enables Woosim to create a solution for essentially any and every application.
Different from our competitors, the Woosim team of engineers is uniquely qualified and readily available to help assist with the development of your software requirements. Woosim also maintains stock and ensures readily available product for our customers.

Woosim believes that we must first prove our willingness to serve others. We believe that providing the best product with the highest reliability is essential to long-term success. Woosim believes that helping our customers find the right

solutions for their application is the only way to establish long and mutually beneficial business partnerships. Woosim guarantees, that given the opportunity we will prove ourselves worthy of your business.

Over a quarter century providing innovative mobile printing solutions

Woosim Systems, Inc.

Woosim Systems, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of portable printers. Established in 1994, and opened operations in the North America in 2002. Woosim has developed truly remarkable technology, including an ultra compact line of mobile mini printers.

These products represent effective printing solutions for present and future needs. The PORTI Series, which are the smallest printers in the world today, mark the patented, core technology confirming Woosim’s top rank in the mobile printing fields.

Woosim’s team has developed new innovative technologies such as a unique printer engine, printer control algorithm, power management algorithm, IrDA data communication as well as two-dimensional barcode printing all of which are requisite to mobile printing.

These technologies allow our printers to be used in industries such as retail sales, transportation, warehousing and distribution, hospitality, gaming, healthcare and many other traveling and mobile computing needs.